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To be a safe cross-chain project, with a steady appreciation of assets. 成为一个稳定且安全的跨链资产升值项目

Bird Finance is a DeFi platform focusing on smart pool and lending by its governance token BIRD. Bird Finance seeks the best the reward mining pool by strategy and automatically compounds it for maximal profit.

Bird Finance keeps on opening new safe and high-benefit blockchain project and adapting maximal-profit strategy to help fans aggregate and manage crypto asset of investment.

During the process, Bird Finance commits to buy back BIRD token from second market to achieve deflation.

BIRD will debute on Binance Smart Chain. And half of its total supply will immediately be burned by sending to blackhole address. Every transformation takes 6% transaction fee, 2% of which among 6% goes into Mdex liquidity pool and can never get back, 2% will disperse into every BIRD holders as profit, and 2% will goes into foundation for Bird Finance community

Bird Finance (是一种极致通缩的跨链收益聚合协议,帮助用户寻找区块链世界安全稳定高收益的项目,开发多样化复利挖矿策略,实现资产增值。

BIRD Token 产出机制,通缩机制构成 Bird Finance 生态的经济模型。

- BIRD 挖矿产出,激励用户提供流动性,同时参与使用 Bird Finance 机枪池以及其他产品

- Token 自带通缩机制平衡产出,促进 Bird 生态持续发展。

- 机枪池及NFT 手续费持续回购 BIRD 销毁,促进 BIRD 通缩

跨链方向,机枪池未来使用多链资产分配,分散收益聚合在单一区块链上的风险,通过跨链基础设施,将部分资产跨到优质高增长 DeFi 项目,提供更高多链组合收益。

产品拓展方向,Bird Finance 会基于机枪池,陆续推出 NFT 产品, Lending 协议, 跨链 Swap 协议等,丰富 BIRD Token 使用场景,促进多场景用户留存,发挥 Bird 生态长尾效应。

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Bird community has four core developers, including two from Silicon Valley, and the other two are core developers of well-known public chain teams.

One of them is the earliest pioneer in the field of solidity development. He has independently completed the state channel framework on Ethereum with OpCode, and independently developed the framework of delegateCall Proxy which can be upgraded by contract and the underlying cryptography library by Solidity Assembly.---

目前Bird 社区有 4 位核心开发 , 其中两位来自硅谷大厂 , 另外两位是知名公链团队的核心开发。

其中一人是 solidity 开发领域最早一批开拓者 , 用 opcode 独立完成过以太坊上的状态通道框架 , 独立开发过合约可升级 DelegateCall proxy 框架以及底层密码学库 by solidity assembly。

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