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Frictionless File Sharing, Contract Chains, Decentralized Education for institutional learners abroad


Alexandria is a Decentralized University; a contract chain solution, organized and developed by the developer captains working along side the Harmony One Protocol. The Alexandria project intends to release a fully decentralized "Community-To-Developer" bridge.

Permission-less education modules that offer any individual around the world the opportunity to access verifiable institutional education on the blockchain.


The first series of lesson's will teach novice software developers how to launch their own smart contracts from Ethereum's layer 1 to Harmony's layer 2 interoperable blockchain.

Harmony's high-throughput, low-latency public blockchain platform has proven that it's sharded blockchain can handle contract speeds with 2 second latency under a $0.000001 per transaction. This blockchain is intended to deliver to over 10 Billion people world wide, the best solution for providing universal basic education to the world.


Alexandria intends to deliver not only an outstanding educational product for developers, but also an affordable way to get an education. We believe that affordable education is a basic human right. Too many people on Earth are disenfranchised and do not have the means to attain a valuable education from their local institution. Other options like traveling abroad, is too costly or near impossible for too many family's around the world.

Initially, Alexandria started as a project to port contracts over to harmony, but over time we found a growing need to help developers understand the process of blockchain development. But why stop there? why not rebuild a permission-less Education portal that verifies contracts through a series of contracts to checks for "securities","authorities" and "signs of risk" to authenticate projects in a decentralized manner. It's like turning in your homework or completing a final project for school, but instead of your professor grading you, it's the entire blockchain.


Once you the learner reach a consensus with the (Alexandria's) Andria contract-chain, you unlock Andria tokens - These tokens are similar to digital collectables, but require that you learn and launch a project through Alexandria. Andria tokens are unlocked at the time of completion and are worth a *min-percentage of the Victorian DAO; a scholarship pool governed by the network to give the Andria token value for project funding!). The Visctorian DAO checks the Andria contract-chain and votes for the best projects each Fall, Summer and Winter Semesters. Their vote will tokenize the Andria token (a stable-Harmony-ONE-coin) and will act as the Alexandria project scholarship for excellence in vision, authenticity, integrity and security.

**Our Goal:

1) Create a Smart Contract Chain of compilers that interacts with oracles that streams raw data into the form of a lesson plan.

- Register the contract's submissions in public cloud server to verify a contract's identity for Victorian DAO & voters

2) format the modules Front-End user experience with MetaMask to unlock lesson plans

3) Create contract chain unlock-able Andria token and reserve token in the Victorian DAO address.

4) Establish verified Blockchain Certification for the completion of the Initial Module on Alexandria - w/ *Dr.Stephen Tse and other Developers.

5) Portability between Layer 1 and Layer 2 chains, using Harmony ONE stable coin infrastructure + minting process.

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Dylan Kawalec : Harmony Protocol Developer Captain, TESLA engineer and Python/C++ Coding instructor. Smart Contract Developer and investor.

Benjamin Yin : San Jose State University History teacher, Calculus Mentor and Programmer

Angel Quezada : Java Developer, Computer Science Undergrad and investment partner with the BoGani Network.

James and Cyril : Harmony Developer Captain Interns, Software Engineering undergraduates; Solidity engineers with a wide array of knowledge.

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