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Itheum is the world's 1st "decentralised data brokerage". A cross-chain platform to enable the seamless sale of personal data as an asset.


Latest Progress & Updates: (we are an active project with demonstrable progress)


* January 05: Data DEX deployed to the BSC Testnet

* January 02: Winner of ParaState (Polkadot Parachain) Hackathon

* October 20: Our privacy-preserving technology architecture wins the PlatON Hackathon -

* October 15: Voted global top 20 innovative tech startup - SECOM is a global commercial security provider (SECOM is a large Japanese company -, we were selected in their top 20 global cohort for an enterprise data sharing proposal -

* October 12: Our Tech stack was featured on the popular Moralis Web3 YouTube channel -

* September 21: 1st place winner at the Hedera Hashgraph / Filecoin Hackathon -

* September 12: Finalist at the Harmony Hackathon. Live pitch and demo -

* September 1: We presented our DOA technology at the DAO Hack Finalist Demo & Panel Discussion live on YouTube -

* July 29: Itheum is a winner at the Moralis Hackathon; sponsored by Chainlink, Polygon, Elrond, Ivan on Tech, and many more. Watch live announcement by Ivan on Tech -


Releases we working on right now:


* N.F.Me (Non Fungible ME) - Data Metaverse identity backed by real personal data (Next Generation Profile Picture NFT)

* Warm/Cold decentralized storage via IPFS/FileCoin abstraction layer

* Gnosis Safe Multisig Protected Data Coalition Fund Pool (being built as part of the Polygon Hackathon proposal) -

* Privacy-Preserving Computing -,

* Hadera and Filecoin Interoperability -

* Real-time Cross-Chain Data Trade (e.g. Sell data access on Polygon and buy on Ethereum)


What is Itheum?


Today; your personal data is bought and sold in hidden data markets. The data brokerage market is worth more than $200 billion per year. And yet you (the person who produced this data) has no idea this is happening or can partake in this data economy or share in these earnings.

Itheum is the world's first "Decentralised Data Brokerage". We reduce the monopoly and dominance these data brokers have over your life. We believe in a future of personal data sovereignty and the role it plays in society. The Itheum platform follows the principle of "progressive decentralization" to ensure we provide a platform that has real-world use-cases today and yet enables the systematic removal of centralized intermediaries (traditional intermediaries like Data Brokers). 

We offer 3 key products:

1) Data Collection and Analytics Toolkit - Anyone can use this toolkit to build user data collection tools with built-in outcome-oriented analytics. This product is already in the market and powers products like OKPulse ( This product aims to democratize data collection and analytics technology and to increase the quality of high-quality, outcome-oriented personal data.

2) Decentralised Data DEX: This cross-chain data DEX allows you to unlock your personal data for the greater social good and earn revenue for sharing your data assets. We provide some revolutionary new features like "Peer-to-Peer" data sale, Data NFTs (wrap data as an NFT to gain features like limited availability, royalties and to trade in secondary markets like OpenSea and Decentraland), "Data Coalitions" (sell data in bulk via a DAO managed entity) and many more.

3) Data Metaverse: (This is the "consumer product" layer that is aimed to make "data ownership sexy and relevant". comprising of innovative tools built for the Metaverse and Gaming verticals. The tools are built on top of NFT and DAO technology and the core Data DEX protocol.

Traction: This is the key product we are working on. Currently in the design and prototype stage. Data NFT is already built and lays the foundation for our most advanced feature called N.F.Me (Non-Fungible Me), which is an interoperable avatar backed by personal data. Everyone in the world can "claim one"

Other key features of our Data DEX:

1) Cross Chain EVM Compatibility: Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Harmony (deployed to testnet) Avalanche, Elrond (coming soon)

2) Cross-chain trading of data via bridges

3) Utility token

4) Other key features are described in the below sections...




1) "Data Coalitions" DAO: Our core feature is a DAO entity that can sell personal data in bulk on behalf of its "members". Legal terms and conditions of the sale are handled by the DAO and sale approval, conflict resolution, and data quality credibility signaling are all handled on-chain. Our utility token will form the core of the DAO governance.

2) Data Vault DAO: Sensitive personal data on Itheum is encrypted using a per-user encryption strategy. This enables full personal data sovereignty but comes at a cost of a bad user experience (as a user has to sign multiple transactions to unlock data and transfer data ownership). We have "decentralized key-pool middleware" that enables functionality that can be used for seamless trading of secure encrypted data. This "decentralized key-pool middleware" is governed by a Data Vault DAO.

3) Itheum Foundation DAO: Itheum's platform roadmap will also be governed by its users via a Foundation DAO.




1) Itheum has pioneered the concept of a "Data NFT" that lets you mint and wrap your personal data as a NFT and leverage secondary market dynamics to enable the trade of data assets (OpenSea, Rarible, Decentraland etc). Trading data as an NFT makes perfect sense as your data is non-fungible and you can enable qualities like data provenance and lineage and control circulation and obtain royalties on re-sale etc. Data NFTs also allow for "inner value" to be built into your NFTs, as they will wrap valuable datasets - this will provide more stability for your NFT price and also open up more liquidity as they act as a "transferable key" for real-world use-cases.


Privacy-Preserving Computation


The Itheum platform can store highly sensitive personal data in highly secure "personal data vaults" where data is locked using the data owner's private keys (per-user encryption). You can store your sensitive data within these vaults e.g. gender, race, sexual preference, prior health conditions, financial history and then append the sensitive vault data to your regular datasets being sold on the Data DEX and earn more as you attach rich demographic context to the dataset. But there will be situations where this data cannot be put on-chain even when encrypted due to privacy regulations and data sovereignty laws. Itheum has 2 core features that aim to solve this real-world issue of global data sharing. Our "Regional Decentralisation Hubs" enable data to remain in a region/country where the user resides (protected by regional or local sovereignty laws) and our "Trusted Computation Framework" brings the compute-to-the-data via privacy-preserving computation tools like Secure Multi-Party Computation, Homomorphic Encryption, and Zero-Knowledge Proofs. View our ongoing POC Proposal here -


Key Links:


- Read our OnePager here:

- You can learn more about our platform by visiting:

- Read our whitepaper here:

- Watch videos of our platform features here:

- Speak to our core team on Discord:

- Join our community on Telegram:

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Mark P - Founder - Technologist, entrepreneur, open-source contributor and engineer with over 20 years of experience building large scale data, AI, blockchain and distributed software for the government, multinational & startups sectors. Previously worked in Australian Gov Digital Agency, FOX, Deloitte, MSN

Praveen P: COO - Over 20 years of experience in running startup operations globally with vast exposure to data intense industries such as hospitality

and engineering

Mridul K - Engineering Lead - Technologist, entrepreneur, engineer and innovator with over 15 years of experience in software delivery - specializing in cryptography and distributed application design and development. Previously worked Thoughtworks, DIUS

Dineish N - Head of Security, Privacy & Data Regulation - Cybersecurity & risk expert working on areas like data protection, privacy regulation, security governance, risk management with over 20 years experience in the multinational and government sectors. Previously worked UBS, Barclays, KPMG

Yining H - Blockchain Research Scientist - Blockchain Development and interoperability specialist. Phd in Blockchain tech.

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