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An infinite, unpredictable world driven by a decentralized smartcontract.

Website: https://eykar.org/

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/zkWV6zVbvX

Eykar is a decentralized strategy game developed on the cronos blockchain. To join the game you will have to pay a fixed amount (probably the equivalent of a few dollars in CRO). This amount is set aside by the contract and the player gets his first plot. He can then explore the world, conquer new territories, form alliances with other players or launch expeditions to attack them and gain prestige. Any developer will be able to propose an update to the game smart contract, and players will be able to vote for these updates using their prestige. If the update is voted in, its developers will receive a share of half of the ROC generated by the game. At the end of the year (the equivalent of 1000 years in the game), the alliance with the most prestige will receive the remaining 50%.

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Team Information
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We are two students of the University of Paris Saclay in double degree Computer Science and Mathematics. We have been interested in blockchain for years but we had never programmed with solidity before. We were waiting to find a project we were passionate about, and this game is it.

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