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Building The Future Entrance of DeFi for Community

## Inspiration ##

With the rapid growths of blockchain and DeFi, there are more and more DeFi projects establishing continually, but they are relatively isolated, which leading to three obvious problems.

Firstly, there are too many projects and they are so changeable. Therefore, it is difficult for users to find them quickly.

What's more, different projects have different UI and interaction methods. Users can participate only after learning and understanding, which makes the experience uneven.

Last but not least, most of the current projects and DeFi tools still focus on the PC, and the support for mobile is imperfect, which limits the time period and scenario when using.

Although there are so many opportunities in the DeFi world, the market changes with each passing day. So far, there is no mobile APP based on the APY ranking that can help users to discover, search and analyze DeFi projects as fast as possible.

For example, I want to know which staking pool of USDT or ETH has the highest APY return across multi chains? Which staking pool's TVL & APY grows rapidly? How about the changing trend of TVL & APY? When will the launch of the new projects be? A great number of questions as mentioned above.

However, such difficulties inspire us to create a mobile entrance for community users to participate in and find the opportunities for DeFi.

## What is Soapy? ##

Soapy Finance is committed to building the future mobile entrance of DeFi. It brings friendly, efficient, and secure financial products and services to users.

Soapy is governed by Soapy DAO, all community members who hold SOAPY can participate in project governance.

At present, it consists of two major parts:

APY.TOP is a multi-chain DeFi projects aggregator. It is the first to support the APY & TVL ranking list, it sources most public blockchain's DeFi projects and pools data, appears with the mobile-first interactive mode, helps user to discover and analyze high-APY or new valuable DeFi projects easily.

Soapy Swap is a multi-chain DEX aggregator. It provides a K-LINE visualization tool for the DEXes aggregated, helps users to know the trends of token prices. Soapy Swap aggregates major DEXes across various public blockchains and provides one-stop services to find the best prices and trading options for all types of crypto assets. In addition, Soapy Swap supports limit-price orderbook features for all users.







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Team Information
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    Soapy Finance

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    Soapy Finance

The core members is composed world-renowned universities and have worked in established Internet giants. We have been explored the lockchain since 2017.

We has extensive experience in project R&D. The technical team comes from developers who are deeply engaged in the blockchain field.

The team also includes statisticians, data security experts and other technical and financial reserves.

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