Electronero Network: Interswap.Finance DeFi + NFT + Gaming + Public (Polygon/BSC) & Privacy (Cryptonote as layer-2)
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Interswap.finance New DeFi Exchange on BSC & Polygon with BUY/SELL NFT Marketplace featuring future-proof business logic, and gaming support

Interchained our lead developer has had the pleasure to work alongside some of the top guns in crypto these days. Electronero Network will deploy all cryptonote v1 chains into v2 on Polygon/BSC. There is a bridge which is EVM-Cryptonote being deployed after the tokens are distributed to electronero cryptonote v1 holders. Interswap.finance is the DeFi exchange of Electronero Network. Leading in to Polygon Interswap has already began testing Dex built with Quickswap. Interswap will deploy to Polygon this week. Electronero Network co-founded Cryptocurrency Developers and just completed a buy/sell NFT marketplace, with a mint. Cryptocurrency Developers research and developments into the field of NFT has been focused on delivering the best NFT marketplace with the right amount of business logic such as mint, buy, sell, resell, lend, borrow, to attract artists, buyers, and resellers alike. Now with the next stage we will transform the underlying future proof NFT business platform that we built to support gaming and much more. The team leaders have 5+ years of experience in cryptocurrency.

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Cryptocurrency Developers are partners with many individual projects which acts as a catalyst to help projects succeed in reaching their goals. Cryptocurrency Developers DeFi, Dex, NFT Marketplace represents a launch in to EVM chains which collides with Polygon, Tron, Ethereum, Binance smart chain, and beyond. Cryptocurrency Developers NFT Market is a partnership of Electronero Network and Cryptocurrency Developers, with SkyBit Asia leading production in to Polygon

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