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The First NFT Greeting Cards Marketplace where creators, users/seekers, collectors, and businesses can meet and interact (mint, sell, buy, send, gift, receive) with NFT digital content released in greeting cards.

CRUZO Pitch Desk for Hackathon

## What it does

We are building The First Greeting Cards Marketplace.

Our customers:

- Users/Seekers

- Creators

- Collectors

- Resellers

- Businesses

The platform tools and services:

- Mint NFTs,

- Sell and buy,

- Gift and share

- Royalties for Creators

Main benefits for Creators:

- Less competition - Artwork will never be lost as in the Marketplaces for everything

- Earn every day - Can sell its artwork on a daily basis. People searching for greetings everyday

- Multi-chain - Can choose a better chain for minting. For example Solana

- Gas-free - Can pay gas fees after selling or do not pay at all

For Users/Seekers:

- Only greeting cards – Cruzo it's a Niche NFT marketplace with a structured catalog. Nothing extra

- Buy, Sell, Collect & Gift – Greetings cards as digital assets

- Share everywhere – You don't know the recipient email? Send to TikTok, Instagram, or Instant messengers

- Popular formats – greeting cards suitable for stories, reels, or social posts

- Few clicks to send – That's really Awesome!

For Resellers or Collectors:

- Exclusive content – invest in unique content from TOP creators or celebrities

- Mass-market – High demand content is always easy to sell

- Profit – Get profit daily by selling Greeting cards

For business:

- Gift cards – Sell more by putting gift cards in greetings

- More loyally – Greetings are cute your customers will love it

- Brand awareness – Grow your audience by sharing cool NFT greetings

## How we built it

Anchor, Etherium, Javascript, Metaplex, Phantom, Metamask, Torus, React, Rust, Solana, Polygon, Rarible, Solidity, TS, Web3

## Behind the idea

Potential Impact

There are many projects in the Polygon ecosystem but ours is a real mass-market product. In the future, it could be the most valuable contributor in the Polygon ecosystem in terms of transaction quantity.


We provide tools and services for many user roles. But the main target is to improve the quality of Greetings and sharing options. Our DApp will provide a popular vertical 9:16 format animated card as well as the opportunity to send/share anywhere: Instagram stories, Tik-Tok, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. People will love it!


There is no Global NFT Greeting Cards Marketplace. We can be a gamechanger in the Greetings industry by moving Greeting cards into NFT digital assets.


Our UX/UI goal is to provide a simple and clear DApp to our users to share Greeting cards easily in a few clicks (taps). Users can share their positive emotions even if they don't know the recipient's email, instant messenger, or crypto wallet. How? Through stories, reels, or TikTok videos.

Go-to-market Strategy

After the MVP release, our first step will be a Creator's community. We believe that CRUZO will be the starting point for a big new class of NFT creators - Greeting cards Creators/Designers. After that, we will have enough cool creative content to introduce CRUZO to the whole world. With celebrities and influencers' help, we will take the market.

NFT Greetings from Elon Musk? Why not?

## What's next for CRUZO

We have a clear development plan: MVP, Release 1, Release 2, etc. Step by step we implement main: protocols, wallets, structured catalog, social sharing options, and extra services for all roles, etc.

We have talented people on our team. They are our honor!

Our mission

- Provide a service for people to share their positive emotions through NFT greetings

- Provide an opportunity for Creators to earn money on their sales every day.

- Care of our Planet by moving greetings cards into NFT digital assets.

- Build ESG business that follows Artha Model - give for charity up to 50% net profit.

At this moment we are in the very beginning but we strongly believe in our project and idea.

Join us! It will be funny :)


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Team Information
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Person A: Denis Stepanov, CEO (Founder). Here is a link to their Linkedin He has significant experience in Digital Marketing and Web Promotion. Worked in International companies in roles Sales & Marketing Director, Head of Mobile, E-commerce Director.

Person B: Roman Bobrik (Co-founder, Technical lead). Here is a link to his Facebook: Worked for many different companies and projects within the last decade as a senior web/mobile/fullstack developer and team leader.

Here’re the links to few latest projects:

Official DAB Pumps mobile app and server side:



VIP lounges web SPA and server side:

Electric carsharing and charging mobile apps:



Person C: Igor Bekish, UX/UI Designer. Here is a link to their Linkedin He has significant experience in UX/UI, gained in software houses, startups, and also as a freelancer. His goal is to solve problems with engaging and intuitive designs, by always having users and business in mind.

Link to a few latest projects:

Person D: Irina Orlova, Marketing-strategist, PR. Here is a link to her Instagram She has extensive experience in brand and communication strategies in various markets. Strong skills in building marketing campaigns from scratch.

Person F: Dmitry Sentsov, Analytic, Solution Architect. Here is a link to their Facebook He has huge experience in Analytic, Solution Architect. Worked in web studios, web & app development companies and startups.

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