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To develop and reimagine contemporary and ancient African arts through NFTs collectibles

Contemporary and ancient African art have been underrepresented in the nft and metaverse space. Yet, the industry has great potential for explosive growth through tokenisation on the blockchain. Between 2017 and 2019, the auction turnover from modern and contemporary African art sales from London and Paris alone has almost quadrupled to $28 million. This growth resulted from about five auction houses and not more than 20 collectors.

If well developed, the continent has unique art potential that can be marketed on the global space. We seek to disrupt this space. We are building an NFT marketplace and platform for artists, collectors and auction houses to sell their contemporary and ancient arts through a decentralised and open process. The platform will allow auction houses to run private sales and promotions on their special art categories. But it will also allow indie artists to promote their work and build their profiles to join VIP auction houses.

The update of blockchain in the continent is low. Hence, DaaziForArts will integrate fiat on-ramp and off-ramp payment gateways to make it seamless for less-blockchain users to buy CRO and other tokens to purchase tokens as well as withdraw their earnings to local bank accounts and wallets.

Key features:

1. Token minting based on set rules- e.g visible to only members of auction house

2. Buy/sell of tokens

3. Bidding and auctioning of nfts

4. Auction houses and clubs with private sales

5. Specialised promotions in partnership with historical museums

Feature list will e updated as we develop the product.

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The team has expensive experience in developing blockchain dApps over the past 4 years that has processed over 100k transactions in 4 months. We have experience in cross-blockchain architecture and development. Outside blockchain, that team build a global e-commerce company that was acquired in 2018. We plan to grow with Cronos and create value on the chain.

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