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Our project combines collecting NFT items, with the ability to turn them into animated 3D characters in a three-dimensional game world (1. Unique labyrinths - gaining experience and mining cryptocurrency; 2. Island - enjoying a unique world, mini games, tourism, battles with each other, communication, trade). Our project gives people the opportunity, in the process of enjoying the gameplay, to extract cryptocurrency and exchange it for real money, as well as equipment, weapons for the development of their character. All the advantages and benefits of the game are available in the description.

1. Description of the game:

Integration of unique NFT collectibles into dynamic gameplay with the possibility of not only enjoying the game, but also financial profit.

2. Purpose of the game:

Complete the passage of a dangerous labyrinth, pump your hero to the last level and get to the island, where all rivals can communicate, develop, trade and compete with each other.

3. A brief description of the gameplay and game features:

Together with the design company, thousands of unique NFTs will be developed (from an Indian with a bow, a boy with a baseball and a baby with a pacifier, to a samurai with katanas, knights on horses, dragons and dinosaurs, universes and fairy tales, depending on cooperation with copyright holders) with a description of each character and his basic characteristics.

All NFTs will be placed on the NFT platform, anyone can buy this NFT as a collectible, or they can upload it to the wallet as a non-fungible token and use it in the game.

Every NFT in the game will be converted into a miniature 3D hero

Each NFT will be made in the form of a floppy disk of the famous prefix Dendy with the image of your favorite hero in the form of a 2D drawing, but in the game it will be a full-fledged three-dimensional character in a three-dimensional world.

When you start the game and connect the wallet for viewing, all floppy disks with all available heroes of the game will open, when you click on any of them, its characteristics will open: strength, dexterity, intelligence, as well as its level of development (maximum level 50), its weapons, and equipment. which can be purchased separately for game coins in the game (sets of clothes and weapons will also be available that can be placed under certain labyrinths (if an ice labyrinth comes across, the selected set for this labyrinth will be used, and it will also be possible to set a default set). character development at levels 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, there will be changes in the character's appearance, it will be transformed into a more developed version of it, but you will always be able to display it in the labyrinth of any stage of development.

On the character select screen after entering the game:

If you have the appropriate NFTs from this game loaded into your wallet, then the floppy disks with these heroes will be highlighted, all the rest will be slightly gray, and at the top it will be possible to display only the available heroes.

After choosing your favorite hero and pressing the "Forward to Adventure" button, an animation of inserting a floppy disk into the Dendy console takes place and the hero gets into an automatically generated maze (ice, lava, flower, Halloween depending on the season, etc.), all mazes will have hundreds of leading the only way out. Opponents of the corresponding level can also get into your labyrinth. The maze is generated in such a way that it will not be possible to bypass a monster or an opponent on this route, there is an option to bypass a monster or an opponent by going another way, or to fight with them. After the death of the hero, he turns into a set of binary numbers above the body and after 30 seconds it returns back to the body. The goal is to pass the labyrinth, the first one passed the labyrinth gets the greatest experience, all subsequent ones - less. Experience is given only for passing the labyrinth, killing monsters and killing enemies give only game coins.

In the center of the labyrinth there will be a zone in which all rivals can meet and fight with a rare enemy by cooperating together into a single team, in this territory rivals cannot damage each other, only a common enemy, and in this territory, the death of a hero will not lead to the loss of his enhancements ... Defeating a rare enemy will distribute in-game coins among all participants, depending on their contribution to the victory over the enemy. Also, in a random order, equipment or weapons can drop out of rare opponents, which will automatically be added to a random participant in the battle.

Depending on the generated labyrinth on the path of the hero, enemies and monsters corresponding to the theme will come across. The maze will be matched to the level of the hero so that he can cope with the enemies, as well as the approximate level of the heroes of the opponents will fall into your maze. The system will be built in such a way that the generation of labyrinths will occur almost instantly, and if the hero gets into someone else's labyrinth, he will find himself in a random place on the map, so that everyone has the same chances of winning.

Anyone on the character selection page can see the development of any opponent's hero and offer to purchase it; also, when an NFT with a hero is put up for sale, the cost of the hero will be visible right in the game.

All in-game coins received for killing a monster, as well as for completing the labyrinth, or purchased separately for cryptocurrency, can be used to develop a character, his characteristics or equipment. Experience cannot be bought, it will only be available for completing the labyrinths.

Each hero will unlock his unique abilities as he develops (there are 5 of them, at the 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th and 50th levels). Each hero will not only have different abilities, but also a unique fighting style.

As you progress through the labyrinth, there will be a small chance to drop unique hero enhancements (strength, agility, intelligence - you can activate all three at once, if you have a lot of enhancements, they can be combined together, increasing the gain, but you can only activate one uniform enhancement at a time). When the buffs are activated, the hero is highlighted and a firefly of a certain color (blue - intelligence, green - agility, red - strength) will spin around him chaotically along the trajectory of the atom, and the corresponding characteristics of the hero are doubled, this boost can be transferred, put up for sale for in-game coins, and this enhancement after the death of the hero during his flight over the body remains at the place of death of the hero and can be picked up by any opponent running nearby, and possibly who killed him. In the case of using 2 or 3 enhancements of various kinds (strength, dexterity, intelligence), the corresponding number and color of fireflies fly around the character.

You can activate the enhancement so that the game process does not change, even if you only knocked it out, on the character selection screen. During the passage of the game it is impossible.

The value of each character will grow as he develops, experience, equipment, anyone can put their character for sale at any time and everyone will see it, also anyone can bid for a character and everyone will see it.

Also, any player can set the in-game currency for cryptocurrency and any other player can buy it.

After reaching level 50, the player will open a full-fledged three-dimensional inhabited island common to all characters, where you can register for battles in the arena between heroes, challenge a certain opponent, just walk and see various attractions that will be added to the island.

On this island, you cannot lose your enhancements and just kill each other, only in the arena, in the arena you also cannot lose enhancements, but for winning the arena, a certain rating will be awarded and the best players will be given a choice of in-game coins or random equipment or weapons ( duplicate weapons or equipment cannot be dropped).

Mini-games will also be available, racing on funny or high-speed cars through the jungle or along the formula 1 track, trips around the city to explore attractions by tram, double-decker buses with a guide, surface metro, hang gliding, paragliding, airship, balloons, airplanes, rocket, boat trips, boats, yachts, etc.

Every NFT, as well as every character in the game and the in-game process itself, will be created in collaboration with a design studio.

4. Our goal:

Combine the ability to collect items with an interesting addictive gameplay.

P. S:

After some discussions, they came to the conclusion that most likely the in-game currency will be completely decentralized and built on the Proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain, tentatively called "Death maze (DMZ)" the percentage of new coins (will be in the public domain) will go to the network staking in order to carry out fast and reliable transactions. The price of the in-game currency will fully depend on the supply and demand, in the plans, since the in-game currency will be built on the blockchain to bring it to the exchange.

At the moment, we did not think about the profit from the project, we were interested in the result, but most likely for the maintenance and development of the project, money will come from the commission for the sale of NFT, and part of the coins received from killing opponents in the maze will be withdrawn from the stake, for development of game mechanics, graphics, maintenance and acquisition of new servers, equipment, maintaining network stability, as well as the production of new heroes and NFTs, contracts with famous brands for the use of their characters in the game.

The maximum emission of in-game currency is initially planned to be limited to 1,000,000,000,000 coins. The surplus of coins is planned to be burned during transactions, as well as to burn part of the coins obtained by killing opponents in the maze, the purchase of in-game equipment and weapons will also burn spent coins.

We also want to draw more attention to the game and everyone who invests in the game, even if his participation is minimal, please leave your contacts. The first created NFTs and heroes for the game will be distributed to investors free of charge, regardless of the volume of their investments.


1. Maximum cryptocurrency limit: coins

2. Cryptocurrency mining: Every second 1,000 coins (at the testing stage, the exact period for which coins will be credited will be determined, perhaps it will be 10,000 coins in 10 seconds or 60,000 coins in 1 minute) will be distributed among all players who have killed the enemy in this second, killing a rare foe will reward players like killing 100 foes. Killing a rare enemy rewards all participants depending on their contribution to the victory over the enemy.

3. After the last coins have been mined, the system will switch to a different way of rewarding players for killing opponents, the coins formed from transaction fees will accumulate on a certain account and form a reward.

4. Network Transaction: Initially, 200,000,000,000 coins will be issued, which will be frozen for network staking. All transaction fees will accumulate on another account, which will eventually be used to reward players after the last 1,000,000,000,000th coin has been mined.

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At the moment, a small team of friends has gathered: a designer-artist, a programmer and a manager with experience in project management

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