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We are building a DAO that brings talented people from various backgrounds together, to launch dApps on Cronos (currently on KardiaChain).

We've all seen countless technically well-made protocols, that just don't succeed, even though their product is great, timing is perfect and all fundamentals seem to be right. However, memes and community have, time after time, shown to be the absolute barebone of success in the web3 sphere.

I'm a software engineer and entrepreneur, and OdinDAO is an extension of what my goal was before I got into crypto for real in 2019. Before I got into crypto, my plan was to build an office with a combination of smart engineers, creative designers and strong marketeers, to build amazing co-owned products together. When people are put in a position where they get to do what they do best, that's where things start to get really interesting.

I was one of the first members in OlympusDAO, and one of the first to contribute. The above is exactly what happened in OlympusDAO. People were invited to join, contribute and in very short time, people took lead on projects and brought Olympus further in very short time.

This shows what a high level of community involvement and ownership does.

That's what I'm building at OdinDAO. In stead of going out and building a various products, I prioritized to set the foundation right at first; build a strong community.

Right now we're 500 members in a fairly small ecosystem on KardiaChain, our first product is launching mid November, which is a decentralized username protocol that will replace blockchain addresses with usernames/domains.

OdinDAO is 'memeified' around the God, Odin, from Norse mythology, which is the smartest God in Asgard. That combined with the strength of vikings, is what I want to push to the community (and already did).

So put simply; OdinDAO is a DAO that launches community-owned protocols/dApps.

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Hoog (Hooginn) is the conceptualizer and full stack developer behind OdinDAO. Skinned is a well-known character in the crypto community who serves as an advisor.

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