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this idea will solve waiting period for an ambulance


This is idea for ambulance token where ambulance will work as cabs covering the circle or city by adding new driver in to it.

How it will helpful for crypto currency ?

While with help of the existing token it will create the contract for the particular period where it will either outsource help or create it own service where patients can use the token or currency for paying to the ambulance .

it will add the responsibility for the society and made good faith in the community regarding the crypto token and currency.

How model will work with token ?

First model

First it will use the service of google map where it will add driver for the ambulance who will directly paid by the patient .

Fees for this will varies on how many driver are there .it will be different from the cab service where more the driver less will be amount but it will work like more the driver more will the premium cause it will give the fast and ensure service .

Where less the driver less premium as it will or will not arrived at time.

It will peer to peer service model where the fees will be charge by the app for the using it platform.

Model -2

AmbuDapp model

It will work as stacking. In this the app will add money in the forum of token in the return it will provide certain interest on the premium earn by the driver so more premium in the circle more the Interest .

What is circle ?

Just like the cab and logistics service it will add the certain kilometres circle where ambulance will park and as it service call it will go to address.

With this model there would be easy loan for buying vehicles,ambulance accessories would be easy .it will provide fund to use in the return for interest.

Model -3


It would be like the token but it would work as insurance just like contract it would add date and premium insurance as per the demand and it would work when every the purchases need to use the ambulance and in the exchange the person just have to buy the contract.

It would be easy to develop user on early stage where buyer would buy the contract and for the certain period the person who buy the contract would execute the contract when ever they needed but they first have buy the contract and then they could apply it in the ambu24.7

What is the ambu24.7 ?

As mention above ambu24.7 would work as ambulance app who accept payment in crypto token where you can buy service on pre post way with above model case .

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