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Make NFT creation and trading easier, more interesting.

【What is Forart】

Forart is delicated to building the industry's first AI-driven NFT creation incubation platform, exploring the infinite possibilities of artificial intelligence and human co-creation. Forart has developed AI-Driven NFT Generator, AI-Driven NFT Breeding, NFT trading marketplace and other functions and platforms based on AI technology. NFT artists can use these functions to make NFT creation faster and better, and they can directly trade in the marketplace after creation.

Different from traditional NFT creation, AI-Driven NFT Generator can directly transform it into art according to the needs and description of the artist, simple and straightforward. You only need to simply describe what you want to see and AI-Driven NFT Generator transforms your words into art. The result may exceed your imagination, or even your cognition. It may be abstract art or a representation of reality. It may also be the fusion of imagination and reality.

AI-Driven NFT Breeding is a very interesting gameplay, it can complete the transformation of NFT style in a few seconds at an amazing speed, and produce a brand new NFT, so we call it "NFT Breeding". This is the use of neural network style transfer The algorithm completes the integration of style pictures and NFT content, creating a perfect combination of artistic soul and style presentation.

The NFT trading marketplace has a variety of methods of NFT trading, including direct fixed price trading, auctions, NFT mining, etc.

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Team Information
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Forart team is a group of blockchain and financial experts in artificial intelligence and Defi protocols development with diverse backgrounds and experience across the globe. Our members graduated from well-known universities such as USC and Sun Yat-sen University.

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