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We hope to create a decentralized exchange with no slippage and unlimited liquidity that can trade any financial assets.

Mobius Finance’s objective is to create a decentralized multi-asset trading protocol that allows a decentralized, uncensored trading ecosystem that can support any financial instrument, including off-chain assets such as ETF, commodities, stocks, bonds. Users will enjoy zero slippage and unlimited liquidity based on our quote-driven markets. Mobius finance will be developed to adopt all asset and financial instruments in order to quickly adapt to the future market developments and novelties. Mobius Finance protocol will be based on Polygon in order to provide an efficient and low-cost trading experience.

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Team Information
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Our Team

Möbius Finance is comprised of talented, inspiring, and hardworking individuals from around the world. We share the passion to code, create, and connect people to the future of finance.

Pedro | CEO

Five years in blockchain, self-taught python engineer, experienced quant-trader and philosopher

Colin Yu|CTO

Six years experience in distributed system building,has a deep understanding of distributed storage and peer-to-peer networks,Ethereum and EOS community code contributor,

Experiend security researcher of smart contract

Jackson| CPO

Five year's experience in blockchain product design: He has a master's degree in finance and has participated in many blockchain projects that ranked in the top 30 by market capitalization. He is a senior cryptocurrency investor and arbitrage trader.

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