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SilverSwap is an AMM protocol for the Cronos blockchain to bridge over 10 million users into the DEFI ecosystem. Our ambition is to integrate in EVERY L2 EVM blockchain.

Our mission is to be one of the largest AMM protocol for Cronos blockchain and become a bridge for over 10 Million users into the DEFI ecosystem. Larger ambition is to be THE DEFI 2.0 PROTOCOL to be in EVERY L2 EVM blockchain.

We believe there are several major problems & opportunities in the DeFi ecosystem today. Impermanent loss, unsustainable liquidity mining, bad UX that limits mainstream adoption, large funds or treasuries sitting idly, and much more. We’re building a platform that combines capital efficiency with excellent design to empower people with better ways to allocate capital.

Liquidity Providers (LPs) are the backbone of the money legos of the DEFI economy. However time and time again, we have witnessed them abused by impermanent loss despite serving a critical function in DEFI. This is unsustainable and in some cases an outright scam of LPs’ hard earned money. We introduce SilverSwap. We are creating LP Protection features for UniswapV2-like protocols and channeling savings into a treasury fund for LPs (or a fund towards public goods). In this way LPs benefit from the long term appreciation of their governance token/fund to offset impermanent loss. The fund can be channeled into an treasury fund for LPs.

This project on the backend is using Solidity deployed and verified using Hardhat and Harhat Verify modules. The Contracts are a flavor of Uniswap contracts for the Factory, Router. We introduced a yield farming contract (Distributor) and arbitrage contract. The Contracts are deployed to Cronos' Testnet. For frontend, it uses Next.js, React.js. We used Alchemy endpoints for our RPC calls.

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Team Information
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We are an experienced group of developers who have won multiple hackathons and competitions for our work. We have been active participants in OlympusDao, Chainlink, Uniswap, PancakeSwap ecosystems.

Our team members had won sponsor prizes and hackathons that led to very large protocols (Namely our team members had won EthGlobal’s biggest EVM hackathon #EthOnline as a finalist) . We look forward to enabling a Defi wallet for every user with their first defi transaction with us.

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