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Benign Protocol is a combined project of decentralized and centralized finance. The benign protocol will solve the centralized problem in a decentralized way.

Benign Protocol is established to provide overall benefits to the users.

It seeks to ensure overall security by preserving user's identities through its centralized platform. And ensures individual freedom through decentralized platforms.

And it always protects the ecosystem between centralized and decentralized platforms through its own currency.

Benign Protocol consists of a combination of two main departments and one sub-department. E.g. Centralized Department, Decentralized Department. And the sub-department isBenign Protocol wants to give users maximum security. The Benign protocol is constantly auditing its security system with the slogan "My assets will be safe".

And the strong are creating a safety belt. Its safety belt extends up to 3 layers, which is able to provide security to its users. the Bounty and Promotion Department. Benign Protocol sets some rewards for users and for creating new users. Just as users will benefit from this, the Benign Protocol will be able to reach the public.




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    Benign Protocol

It has strong team members who have been researching relentlessly since 2020. They have also played an important role in various blockchain projects.

And finally they are going to launch their desired project

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