Superhero NFT Wars (SNW)
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We aim to resolve the followings main problems of traditional blockchain games: 1. Major NFT communities’lack of interactions (our camp settings to unite community members and combat across communities); 2. Rigid and inoperable regular blockchain-game settings (we use open world design to welcome all gamers, NFT collectors and traders to co-construct this platform in-game and on social media); 3. Limited sources of income and unpredictable ROI ($GEM and $GOLD two-coin system; upgrade and synthesis functionalities of Superhero NFTs and skill cards; dungeon map editor to be your creator and controller of returns).

By fully utilizing the open world game settings, worldview and raid combat competitive systems, SNW (Superhero NFT Wars) has organically combined with the latest trendy concepts (include but not limited to GameFi and Metaverse) to allows multiple NFT communities to access, interact, Play-to-earn, enjoy raid combats and co-constructing this platform, which designed to be initially founded (trough mystery box airdropping tactic) on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with abundant partnership relationship and user experience basis, then dedicates to form a multiple-chain ecosystem by enabling (at least) Ethereum and Polygon through cross-chain technologies. Superhero NFTs (the main characters of SNW) with four strictly-selected professions, different rarity, and accordingly extremely high potential values, are designed to be the central nodes to reunite white-labeled NFT community members (for instance, Cryptopunks, MekaVerse, Depressed Apes, etc.) to experience the trilling dungeon adventures and harvest the sense of community honor and monetary/convertible rewards ($GEM, $GOLD, Superhero NFTs value-added experience and Skill Cards).

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Team Information
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The core team members of "Superhero NFT Wars (SNW)" are all web3.0 geeks, professional designers, traditional gaming and GameFi enthusiasts and Blockchain dedicators with a diverse background from Binance, Tencent, Google and Timi Studio Group (Development King Glory) and others. The group has set an entrepreneurial record for blockchain games of attracting more than 1 million daily active users within 3 months of launch. This time with "SNW" the team is aiming much higher by launching the fully community driven game to be the pioneer in its own space.

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