Pinture - An NFT platform for licensed photography works.
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An NFT platform for licensed photography works.

Pinture is a platform where photographers can tokenize the usage rights of their photography works as an NFT and sell them on the market. We simplify the licensing process for photo usage rights and make it traceable on the blockchain. The licensing photo is also tokenized as an NFT which can be sold on the Pinture marketplace and be customized for clients easily. The participants can trade license NFTs on the platform to gain their profit.

Licensing photos have always been a pain for image creators. The existing photo authorization services are restricted by the platform itself, and the pricing is controlled by the platform. The creators have no right to set the price for themselves. Moreover, the legal issues of image copyright are complicated, which makes it difficult to authorize on the Internet. The emergence of NFT makes it possible to transfer the ownership of digital assets. Numerous artworks, music, and images have found new life. Creators can free themselves to create without being restricted by physical properties. However, NFTs currently focus on The transfer of ownership, we believe that the right to use also has a lot of room for development, for example, the right to printing and the right to editorial. Traditionally, it has been monopolized by major platforms, and the emergence of NFT can break the deadlock. We hope to maximize the transfer of rights and use blockchain technology to create an open platform for creators.

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Steve Liu: Software Engineer at tech company in Taipei Taiwan familiar with Node.js, typescript and Solidity.

Frank Wang: Software Engineer at tech company in Taipei Taiwan familiar with Node.js, and Solidity, Love Muaythai.

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