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Educate and bring every DeFi protocols to VN market

An over view of Bami

Bami is a financial city in which the currency used is BAMI (Bami Token). In Bami city, the citizens (users) use BAMI for trades, exchanges, investments, including: Bami Dashboard, Bami Exchange, Bami Lend, Bami Portfolio, Bami Pay, NFT.

Bami is a multichain financial application that aims to bring permissionless money solutions to the mass, built to integrate interchain solutions in savings, payment, trading, money market, etc.

The demand for free financial products is booming in Vietnam. Bami wishes to focus on the Vietnamese market with the goal of creating practical values for Vietnamese users through financial products on blockchain. However, Bami will limit itself to the Vietnamese market - it will expand to the international markets.

Bami – DeFi as a Service

Bami focuses on user experience first and foremost. We believe the next billion users will be onboarded through the abstraction of complexities in Blockchain applications.

Bami is built with transparency and openness in mind. We stand on the shoulders of giants and in turn, continue to carry the ethos. The platform will be open-source and the protocol will be owned and governed by you – the community. BAMI token will be used to capture the value of the Bami protocol, allowing its value to grow linearly with the ecosystem. The token will also allow the community to guide the ecosystem growth path.

Bami is built for mass adoption, thus, low cost is imperative. Launching it first on Binance Smart Chain makes sense due to the large user base and cheap tx cost. However, we understand that composability is the key to unlock the full power of Defi. Bami will be chain-agonistic. Bami plans to expand to Ethereum as the layer-2 solution matures. We are optimistic! In the future, the community can decide whether Bami should be on other layer-1 chains as well when there is demand.

Bami is developing these key products:

Bami Dashboard

Bami Exchange

Bami Lend/Borrow

Bami Portfolio

Yield Farming

Bami NFT

Bami Pay

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