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基于 Polkadot 的跨链去中心化交易网络

BUIDL Description

Zenlink 是基于 Polkadot 的跨链去中心化交易网络,致力于构建新一代的跨链 DEX 网络。

通过集成 Zenlink DEX Module 的方式,Zenlink 可以令平行链快速拥有 DEX 能力,并能与其他平行链共享流动性;Zenlink DEX 聚合器可以链接 Polkadot 上所有 DEX DApp。用户不仅可以轻松快速地完成兑换,同时也能享受到低滑点的交易体验;Zenlink 原生代币 ZLK 提供了公正透明的治理机制和合理的价值捕获手段,用来激励生态用户来长期参与网络发展。

Team Information

The team is made up of many experienced professionals in the blockchain industry. Caizhen Liu is the project leader. He joined imToken very early (January 2017) and worked for 3.5 years as a backend developer and project manager. He is very good at blockchain technology and project management which helps imToken get 10m users and Tokenlon, imToken’s DEX, achieve 600m trading volume as well. Tianling was a former senior expert of Alibaba. After leaving it, he joined a blockchain company as the core developer for 3 years. He is familiar with the underlying blockchain design and substrate development and also was in charge of the architecture design. Now, he is the principal blockchain expert of Zenlink team. Jianbin Zhao is a senior backend dev with 5 years of experience, and he is helping the team build the first DEX web application. Rui shi is a senior backend dev with 5 years of experience. He is not only familiar with C++/Rust but also has good project experience in Substrate development. Ke Chen is a junior front-end dev with 2 years of experience. He has good skills in React. Hui Yuan has rich experience in product design and management. She has built many nice and user-friendly internet applications.

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