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Project Ark is the world’s first carbon neutral NFT marketplace for rare digital collectibles, which directly fund animal and environmental conservation efforts around the world. We connect passionate artists with purpose driven buyers, to support international NGO’s and local communities.

BUIDL Description

We signed with WWF Panda Labs as our first project collaborator, which disrupt ‘business as usual’ practices via global partnerships. We will issue the first series of NFTs that can directly fund community driven conservation, creating collective rewards systems that turn communities into conservationists.

In the last two months, we have organically built an incredible community of over 150+ artists from every background, including Emmy award filmmakers, famous recording artists, and even the IP owner of Pokemon. We also have a pipeline of impact projects with organizations National Geographic, The Nashulai Conservancy (Africa’s first indigenous-owned nature conservancy and winner of the 2020 UN Equator Prize), the Jane Goodall Institute, and multiple ocean conservation projects.

During this Hackathon, we wish to build the governance mechanism for the DAO, the voting mechanism, the NFT issuance mechanism, as well as the ability to create and monitor projects through the site

Team Information

Max Song: Tech and Product Lead

Jon O’Sullivan: Partnership and Artist Development Lead

Mel Vera: Strategy Blockchain -

Yuan Xun: Ethereum Smart Contract Engineer

Hrimiuc Mihai: Project Planning, Impact Localization Lead

Sanzhar Muhamedzhanov - Full-Stack Developer

Ashmita Roy - Ui/UX Designer

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  • NFT
  • DEFI
  • DAO for Conservation