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XCarnival is trying to help users maximize their assets liquidity and enable them to create their own financial products easily with synthetic asset technology.

BUIDL Description

XCarnival focus on solving 3 pain points:

1. Users can only use limited type of asset to participate in synthetic asset markets. People who don’t want to sell their valuable assets are refused.

2.Current Synthetic Asset Products are NOT very attractive. Many users are just go for mining instead of addicting to enjoy product itself.

3.High Barrier to Entry, Difficult to Use. One has to make several transactions, which may cost hundreds of dollars, and learn quite lots of concepts before he/she can use the synthetic products.

XCarnival designed 4 functions to solve these pain points. On top of this solution matrix, XCarnival is trying to make it become barrier-less for new defi users or even the masses have few understand of crypto.

Team Information

CEO Leon Liu

Continuous entrepreneur in Australia, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Japan.

Early Blockchain investor and senior DeFi expert.

COO of Australia's largest cross-border payment finance company.

Founder of Australia’s first blockchain fund with fully compliance.

Founder of largest BSC Chinese community - BroLeon community with 20K active members.

CTO Alan Ma

Alan is the former CTO of Kcash. He is graduated from Nankai University, master of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

He has 10 years technology research and development experience in the blockchain industry.

Financial Director Scott Han

Business analyst in the Commodity and Global Market Department of Macquarie investment bank.

Market analyst in the Derivatives Department of the Federal Bank.

Senior structure builder of global OTC derivatives transaction models and risk control system.

Founder of ZH Capital, one of the largest Australia BTC market makers.

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