PlatON Grant Hackathon

7/20/2021, 9:08 AM - 9/29/2021, 1:00 PM

Round Details

PlatON, the privacy-preserving AI network, is officially launching its first online hackathon on DoraHacks’ open source developer platform — Hackerlink on July 21, 2021. The event is designed to inspiring developers’ sparks, creating new value, demonstrating the power of technological advancement, as well as promoting more DApps development on PlatON and Alaya,building a thriving ecosystem. As PlatON’s pioneer network and testing field, Alaya will take the lead in testing all inspirations and attempts to verify the completeness of the basic functions of the network. This Hackathon, with bounty prizes offered by PlatON, will present a prize pool of $170,000 to fund global open source developers to contribute ideas and early projects based on PlatON/Alaya ecosystem. Among them, $50,000 is allocated based on the voting results of the community, $50,000 is determined by the voting of the judges, $50,000 is set for the privacy-preserving computation track prize pool, and $20,000 is the special reward for high-quality projects. Developers from all over the world are welcome to submit blockchain projects based on the Alaya!

Voting/Funding Mechanism

We are inspired by Vitalik Buterin's work "Quadratic Payments" and GitCoin's practice to implement this mechanism so that we can provide quadratic funding tools to the DoraHacks global hackathon community. There are two funding sources -- the community donation and the sponsor's prize pool. For individual community contributors: you can donate to any project(s) you like with your wallet. By clicking "Vote" following that project, you will be able to enter votes and the smart contract will return the cost (or the amount of donation) for the votes. Your votes will eventually determine how the sponsor pool gets distributed.