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2021/06/06-2021/07/11 12:00 UTC

OKExChain Grant


176661 Votes received

32118.08 OKT Community contribution

Jun 06  ·  2 mins read


HackerLink Grant is a quadratic funding dapp that supports early-stage projects and ideas from open source developer communities. Grant allows both community members and organizations (foundations, venture funds, senior projects) to participate in funding early developer projects and blockchian ventures.

The goal of OEC Grant is to fund open source developers' projects via donation, so that these projects can develop further into a venture in the OEC ecosystem.

OEC Quadratic Funding Grant Round-1 is from 6/June/2021 to 11/July/2021. Developers participating in this round should submit projects in Submit BUIDL page and select "OEC Grant Round 1" as project source. Submitted projects will display on the round's detail page, and a real-time community donation ranking will be available on the leaderboard.

Voting Mechanism


We are inspired by Vitalik Buterin's work "Quadratic Payments" and GitCoin's practice to implement this mechanism so that we can provide quadratic funding tools to the DoraHacks global hackathon community.

There are two funding sources -- the community donation and the sponsor's prize pool.

For individual community contributors: you can donate to any project(s) you like with your wallet. By clicking "Vote" following that project, you will be able to enter votes and the smart contract will return the cost (or the amount of donation) for the votes. Your votes will eventually determine how the sponsor pool gets distributed.

Before voting, make sure your wallet is connected to OEC Mainnet and you have OKT. The first vote will cost 0.1 OKT.

How to apply ?

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  1. login with GitHub or Email
  2. Click Apply Grant with your BUIDL or create a new BUIDL to apply
  3. Choose Corresponding Category
  4. Connect wallet and register BUIDL on-chain

How to vote ?

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  1. Prepare for OKT in your wallet
  2. Switch to the right network
  3. Enter the Grant BUIDL page and pick up projects you want to support
  4. Connect wallet and follow the prompt