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DERI Protocol is a decentralized protocol to exchange risk exposures precisely and capital-efficiently.

As THE SOLUTION to decentralized derivative exchange, Deri Protocol is designed with all the defining features of DeFi and financial derivatives in its nature.

Real DeFi: Deri Protocol is a group of smart contracts deployed on ethereal blockchain, where the exchange of risk exposures takes place completely on-chain.

Real derivative: The PnL’s of the users’ positions are calculated with mark price updated by oracle, which ensures the precision; positions are maintained by margin, which provides built-in leverage.

Composability: Positions are tokenized as non-fungible tokens (NFT), which can be held, transferred or imported into any other DeFi projects for their own financial purposes (as blocks in their own “lego game”).

Openness: anybody can launch a pool with any base token (but usually with stable coin, e.g. USDT or DAI). That is, the protocol does not enforce any specific “in-house chip”.

Simplicity: Deri protocol adopts an extremely simple trading process.

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Deri Protocol is designed and developed by Defi Factory, a team of experts of finance, math and computer science. The core members have PhD degrees in science and come from the derivative business of Wall Street. The team has in-depth experiences of derivative pricing/trading/structuring. The team members have been in the crypto trading and solidity programming for several years.

0xAlpha (Co-founder and CEO)

-Physics BS from Peking University, Physics PhD from Rice University

-Worked in Wall Street on derivative pricing/trading/structuring/risk management in Deutsche Bank, HBK hedge fund , Goldman Sachs

-Co-founded a quantitative hedge fund focused on tranditional and crypto derivatives

Richard (Co-founder and CTO)

- Physics BS from Peking University, Physics PhD from CUNY

- Former Director of Strategy of quantitative trading, in charge of strategy development of high-frequency trading, momentum trading, statistical arbitrage

- Expert of financial system development in C++/Python

Expert of solidity/vyper programming and smart contract development

Leo Sun (CPO)

- Physics BS from Yangzhou University, Master of Economics from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

- 10-year experiences as internet product manager, in charge of the design/development/operation of internet products with 10M+ DAU

- Former founder of abcblockchain

- Maxmalist/miner/early investor of Bitcoin

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