• Solv Financial NFT Hackathon


    The Solv Hackathon aims to encourage developers to contribute ideas and early-stage projects related to DeFi, NFT(including Vouchers) ,GameFi, Web3, and Metaverse to the Solv ecosystem. The US$50,000 in the prize pool, sponsored by Solv Foundation, will be allocated based on the judge panel’s votes. Solv is looking for projects including but not limited to: Financial instruments designed using ERC-3525/Vouchers: Such as Lending protocols, Insurance, Derivatives (futures, options…), Synthetic Assets, etc. DeFi projects that support Vouchers/ERC-3525 as well as interacting with SOLV Protocol: such as DEX(Decentralized Exchange), Price oracles, etc. NFT-related projects using ERC-3525: such as NFT fractionalization marketplace and NFT wrapping GameFi-related projects utilizing the ability of ERC-3525: NFT gaming item management tools, NFT gaming item renting and group sales Cross-chain bridging solutions, especially that supports cross-chain of Vouchers Get involved now Documentation: https://docs.solv.finance/solv-documentation/ Developer: https://docs.solv.finance/solv-documentation/developer/apis GitHub: https://github.com/solv-finance Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SolvProtocol Discord: discord.gg/ewpb9jqzyD Telegram: https://t.me/SolvProtocol

    Relevant Skills:DeFi·NFT·GameFi·Web3·Metaverse

  • BUIDL NFT Loot Box Hackathon


    BUIDL NFT LOOT BOX HACKATHON kicks off! Design Your Programmable Rewards! BUIDL NFT is a way to fund open-source developers on hackerlink.io. Every BUIDL on the platform can be minted to be a BUIDL NFT and the minted BUIDL NFTwill then become tradable continuously. The subsequent transaction will only be made at a higher price because the bid has to be higher than the current price each round and thus the higher bidder is privileged to buy it. As per referred, BUIDL NFT helps the BUIDL owners to get funded in the long-term - every time the BUIDL NFT is traded, the minter will get rewards. Traders, as supporters of the BUIDL and BUIDL NFT, can also yield from trading the spread. BUIDL NFT minters can customize benefits for the traders with codes using “Loot Box”. A loot box is a smart contract that contains any programmable behavior after a successful BUIDL NFT transaction. A Loot Box design can be enriched from the perspective of transaction time, transaction price, holding time, etc., you name it. The programmable benefits are a hacker's way to reward their supporters. Loot Box can have such use cases including but not limited to: airdrop, whitelisting, token swap, NFT reward, on-chain registration. Don’t limit your imagination! From November 20, 2021 to January 10, 2022, BUIDL NFT LOOT BOX HACKATHON will go live on HackerLink to motivate BUIDLers to design more innovative andnteresting Loot Box benefits through prize sponsorship and promotional support in order toinspire the community to participate in trading Loot Box! Introducing BUIDL NFT and Loot Box Loot Box Development Guide:https://github.com/dorahacksglobal/BUIDL-NFT/ Loot Box Demo:https://github.com/dorahacksglobal/BUIDL-NFT/blob/main/README.md BUIDL NFT Minting Guide:https://hidorahacks.medium.com/hackerlinks-buidl-nft-minting-guide-14388960178a BUIDL NFT Trading Guide:https://hidorahacks.medium.com/hackerlinks-buidl-nft-trading-guide-563dc46853f This function of releasing open-source projects’ NFTs was first proposed by Eric Zhang, the founder of DoraHacks in his article entitled “Hackers and Painters, Open Source Projects, NFT and Simplified Harberger Tax” published on the Ethereum Researcher Community and the DoraFactory’s blog. https://dorafactory.medium.com/hackers-painters-open-source-projects-nfts-and-simplified-harberger-tax-b6a672ade89f Schedule Loot Box Codes Submission: November 20, 2021 ~ January 10, 2022 BUIDL NFT Promotion: December 10, 2021 ~ January 10, 2022 Judging: January 5, 2022 ~ January 15, 2022 Release of results: January 15, 2022 How to apply: Please submit the associated BUIDL to the Loot Box Hackathon after the development is completed. Entrance: https://hackerlink.io/hackathon/11 Submit your Loot Box code as a Pull Request in the Github: https://github.com/dorahacksglobal/BUIDL-NFT/tree/main/community/lootbox_hackathon Bind the Loot Box contract to the BUIDL NFT (setLootBox(uint256,address), see (https://github.com/dorahacksglobal/BUIDL-NFT/ "specification "). After binding, each corresponding BUIDL NFT transaction will activate Loot Box and realize the benefit distribution through the defined Loot Box behavior. Benefits for you: 200U BUIDL NFT minting fee: Teams that develop a Loot Box and have their code merged will be supported with a 200 U BUIDL NFT minting fee support. 500 DORA Hackathon prize pool: The judges will vote on the allocation of 500 DORA. BUIDL NFT promotion: DoraHacks will conduct Loot Box BUIDL NFT promotion to increase community awareness and attract more Dora community members to participate in the BUIDL NFT trading. How the 500 DORA prizes are distributed: The Loot Box Hackathon will consist of 10 judges, each of whom will have 5 votes to cast for the project they are interested in. Each vote will be worth 500/10/5=10 DORA. Projects will receive 10 DORA for every received vote. A well-designed Loot Box will help you get more votes. Examples for your Loot Box: Airdrop the same amount to those who participate in the BUIDL NFT trading. Or airdrop different amounts to those who participate in the BUIDL NFT trading depending on the transaction price. 1000 U of seed investment for those who hold BUIDL NFT at a specified schedule, e.g. December 24, 2021. Whitelisting of all traders with bids over 100 DORA. NFT artwork giveaway for all traders. NFT artwork giveaway for those who hold BUIDL NFT at a specified schedule, e.g. December 24, 2021 at 12: 00 am. Incentivize those who have held BUIDL NFT for longer than 30 days. …… Or any programmable behavior! Need some help? If you have any questions during the application, please contact @hackerlinkofficial on Telegram. About DoraHacks DoraHacks is a global hackathon organizer and one of the world's most active developer communities. HackerLink (https://hackerlink.io/en) is DoraHacks' open source developer platform and open source curation market. HackerLink provides unique on-chain tools to incentivize open source developments around the world. The platform is offering features including hacker profile, BUIDL, quadratic funding grants, bonding curve, bounties, hackathons to more than 100,000 users around the world.

    Relevant Skills:Loot Box

  • Warpspeed DFINITY×IAF 中国黑客松 2021


    项目报名指南:https://www.matataki.io/p/10622 自11月15日起,DFINITY × IAF 首次中国黑客松正式启动报名。为了服务好每一位参加黑客松的开发者,我们专门组建了一支20多人的强有力的ICP核心开发者支持团队,给予开发者全方位、全天候的技术指导。同时,我们还准备了丰富的学习资料,以及贯穿整个黑客松的各种教学活动。黑客松期间会同步开启线上课程,抽时间为开发者专场答疑。此外,我们还会不定时举办各种AMA、Workshop等活动。 总之,只要你对Internet Computer感兴趣,哪怕是零经验的“菜鸟”,不用担心,技术后援团队会一路陪伴这大家。 本次黑客松评审由强大的国内外的专业裁判团队组成,包括DFINITY创始人兼首席科学家Dominic Williams以及SNZ CTO Neo Liang等。优胜团队不仅可以瓜分高达 $68k 美元奖金,还有获得融资指导、以及与多个资本对接的机会。 正式黑客松报名之后,11月27号在杭州还将举行一场线下的技术交流活动,届时更多的DFINITY生态开发者、IAF及其他支持活动的多个投资机构代表和社区代表将到场交流。这次中国黑客松是打响DFINITY生态大爆炸的第一枪,明年,声势更为浩大的2022 DFINITY Supernova全球黑客松期待更多DFINITY技术爱好者的加入。 # 本次黑客松日程: 11月15日 开启报名 11月27日 杭州线下技术交流 12月07日                    ICP挑战题目公布,开启线上组队 12月17-18日              上海黑客松 Hacking (周五,周六) 12月19日                  上海线下Demo day(周日) # 参赛要求: (1)本次大赛以团队的形式参与,可以个人或团队(自由组队)形式参赛,每个参赛队伍人数最多不超过5人。允许跨单位自由组队,每人至多只能参加一支队伍。 (2)参赛选手报名须保证所提供的个人信息真实、准确、有效。 (3)要求参赛项目至少在部分业务逻辑中使用了互联网计算机网络,或为 IC 网络服务,仅使用 IC 运行前端无法达到参赛要求。 (4)参赛项目要求能部署在 IC 网络上,访问的链接与其他信息一起提交到项目信息中,便于社区与评委测试;如果是工具类产品、基础设置这类无法立刻部署的,需要提交公开可见的部分代码。 # 立即报名和开发 如果你还未报名请通过以下链接进行报名信息填写 黑客松报名链接:http://icphackathon.mikecrm.com/2kwg1YV 【学习资料】 ·DFINITY 开发者社区:https://dfinity.org/developers/ ·DFINITY 技术图书馆:https://dfinity.org/technicals ·申请免费的Cycles:https://faucet.dfinity.org/ ·代码库:https://github.com/dfinity # 关于Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) Internet Computer Protocol(互联网计算机协议)是世界上第一个以不受限制的、以网络速度运行的区块链。同时,它代表了除比特币和以太坊外的第三项重大的区块链创新,是一个区块链计算机,可扩展并以网络速度运行智能合约的计算和数据,有效地处理和存储数据,并为开发者提供强大的软件框架。为了使这一切成为可能,互联网计算机实现了对软件的彻底重新构想——提供了一种可构建代币化的互联网服务、泛行业平台、去中心化金融系统,乃至于传统的企业系统和网站的革命性新方式。 该项目由Dominic Williams于2016年10月创立,得到了加密社区的极大关注。DFINITY基金会总计募资1.61亿美元,投资人包括安德森·霍洛维茨(Andreessen Horowitz), Polychain Capital,SV Angel,Aspect Ventures,Electric Capital,ZeroEx,Scalar Capital和Multicoin Capital以及其他一些著名的以太坊早期支持者。 # 关于ICP亚洲生态基金(IAF) ICP亚洲生态基金 (ICP Asia Fund - IAF),由SNZ Holding和DFINITY基金会发起,同时得到HashKey Capital,分布式资本等其他顶级基金和社区的共同支持。 本基金致力于支持ICP生态上的项目建设和发展,主要包括基于Internet Computer的Web3.0基础设施、开放金融协议、元宇宙及其他创新性应用,重点关注亚洲生态的项目。 # Internet Computer的创新技术 ·ChainKey密码学技术是使Internet Computer能够扩展到数百万个节点的基本突破之一。Chainkey密码学最显著的创新是Internet Computer只有一个公钥,这使得任何设备都可以验证Internet Computer生成的应用(artifacts)的真伪,即使是智能手表和手机。 ·网络神经系统 (NNS)是一种开放的算法治理系统,用于管理Internet Computer网络。它最显著的创新是它能够升级节点机使用的协议和软件,将新节点运营商和节点机加入网络,并创建新的子网(即区块链)以增加网络容量。最重要的是,NNS 通过接受提案,并根据成千上万“神经元”持有者的投票活动决定采用或拒绝提案。 ·Canister智能合约使Internet Computer能够托管可扩展且安全的代码。本分享涵盖了如何在Internet Computer上创建canister、如何安装和升级他们的软件,以及如何为用cycle为canisters充值。 ·Internet identity (互联网计算机身份)是用更先进和更安全的加密身份验证方法取代传统模式(用户名和密码),从而消除服务商窃取用户数据或跟踪用户活动的可能。 # 2.5亿美元的生态激励计划 DFINITY基金会支持开发者的目的是加速Internet Computer生态系统的发展。通过支持开发者及其团队,使开发者能够更容易地接触和运用Internet Computer。 目前Internet Computer的生态上已有250,000用户,超过1000个Dapp、 DeFi、NFT和Web3解决方案。 点击申请: https://dfinity.org/grant

    Relevant Skills:区块链·Dfinity·ICP·Solidity

  • Blockchain Hackathon @USC – Blockchain@USC X Hackathon DAO


    Hackathon Application Guide: https://hidorahacks.medium.com/blockchain-hackathon-usc-project-upload-guide-8ec717af4ccb For pre-registration, please fill out this interest form: https://forms.gle/js8JQN6tXA31DZHh9 The first-ever blockchain Hackathon @ USC, in collaboration with Hackathon DAO! The hackathon will be offered online with in-person social events, allowing everyone to participate no matter where you are! We want to shout out to everyone in the USC community who is interested in connecting with the best developers, designers, hackers, enthusiasts, and investors in the industry. Our goal is to connect college blockchain enthusiasts and support early-stage blockchain start-ups and projects of all aspects while providing networking and workshop opportunities for one to dive deep into the industry. Hackathon DAO has sponsored 1000 USDC as a prize pool for all participating projects! The hackathon will last for the whole of October and closes on October 31st. Project review will begin on November 1st. In addition to the prize pool, all projects will be established and submitted on HackerLink, giving them a chance to participate in all current Grant programs on the platform. Right now there are three Grants in progress: Polygon Grant, Solana Grant, and Dogecoin Grant. The combined prize pool is over $200,000 and 50,000 DOGE! No project? No teammates? No Worries!! Just join our telegram group and partner up, become the next Vitalik together!! Blockchain Hackathon@USC Telegram Group: https://t.me/joinchat/Q-cAeFKxzEA0NzNh Why should I join? Tons of Benefits + Free entry!! Tremendous Prize pool The combined prize pool of all current Grant programs is over 500,000 dollars, with an additional prize of 1,000 dollars sponsored by DoraHacks for all successfully registered projects. All the money is up for grabs! Promote your project by participating in Grant HackerLink Grant is a method for the community to support early-stage developers’ projects using quadratic funding, and this allows the prize pool to be distributed according to donation and popularity among the ecosystem. All projects submitted for this hackathon can enter current Grant programs, including Polygon Grant, Solana Grant, and Dogecoin Grant. Venture attentions DoraHacks’ venture partners are leading ventures in the global crypto landscape. Outstanding projects can receive from 5000U to 50000U seed round investments. They are: Multicoin Capital, Dragonfly Capital, Binance Smart Chain, HECO, OKExChain, HashKey, NGC, Fenbushi Capital, Fundamental Labs, DFG, SNZ, DuckDAO, BlockDreamFund, Candaq Group, Dealean Capital, Cabin VC, Axia8 Ventures, Kernel Ventures, BlockArc, SevenX Ventures, Incuba Alpha, Signum Capital, LongHash Ventures Connect directly with ecosystem DoraHacks will provide opportunities for outstanding projects with enormous potential to connect with ecosystem leaders directly, pointing your project in the right direction and gaining tremendous support from the community.

    Relevant Skills:Solidity·IPFS·NFT·FIL·ZK·Rust·Substrate·Polkadot·Kusama·Polkadot JS·Meme Creator·Crypto Artist·DAO curator·UI/UX

  • The Cronos Hackathon aims to encourage developers to contribute ideas and early-stage projects related to DeFi, NFT, GameFi, Web3, and Metaverse to the Cronos ecosystem. The USD 500,000 in CRO prize pool, sponsored by Particle B, will be allocated based on the judge panel’s votes. Cronos is looking for projects including but not limited to: DeFi projects: such as DEX(Decentralized Exchange), Price oracles, Lending protocols, Derivatives (futures, options...), Synthetic Assets, Algorithmic Stablecoins, DeFi visualization dashboards, etc. NFT-related projects: such as NFT marketplace and NFT staking projects GameFi-related projects: such as on-chain turn-based strategy games, NFT gaming item management tools, and play-to-earn block chain games Cross-chain bridging solutions IBC multi-asset and channels management tools The Cronos Hackathon will take place from 24 Sep to 24 Nov. Developers from around the world are welcomed to submit blockchain projects built on Cronos! About Cronos Cronos is the EVM chain running in parallel to the Crypto.org Chain. It aims to massively scale the DeFi ecosystem, by providing developers with the ability to rapidly port apps from Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains, with funding from Particle B’s $100m EVM fund and access to the 10M+ user base of the Crypto.com ecosystem. Get involved now: Documentation: https://cronos.crypto.org/docs Explorer: https://cronos-explorer.crypto.org GitHub: https://github.com/crypto-org-chain/cronos Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/cronos_chain Discord: https://discord.com/invite/pahqHz26q4 Telegram: https://t.me/Cryptoorg_Chain_Announcements

    Relevant Skills:NFT·Rust·JS·Python

  • Flow Grant Online Hackathon


    2021年3月25日-2021年6月12日,Flow将联合DoraHacks开启第一次Flow Grant线上Hackathon+Workshop。Hackathon初始奖金池为5000 USDC,支持Flow生态早期爱好者、开发者和项目。Grant资金的目标是公益资助开发者的想法和处于早期阶段的项目,使得这些尝试在Flow生态中可以进一步发展成技术更完善、产品更可用、社区更完整的项目。Flow Grant欢迎各种基于Flow和Cadence的项目实践,项目类型不限,官方提供的参考方向包括: - NFT 资产相关 - DeFi 与钱包入口 - 可组合类的 NFT 或 DeFi - DAO 投票协议类 Flow在HackerLink上的第一轮Grant项目上传时间是2021年3月25日-2021年6月12日 20:00 (GMT+8)。参与Grant的Flow生态项目通过HackerLink Grant上传项目。请注意:项目来源需选择Flow Grant Round -1。项目上传后会出现在Flow Grant Round 1的页面中。Grant的实时排名可以在Flow Grant Round-1 详情页的Leaderboard中看到。

    Relevant Skills:NFT·Rust·JS·Cadence

  • Blockchain Hackathon@Singapore


    DoraHacks Global Hackathon Series (GHS) is coming to Singapore! It's an online hackathon. You can participate from wherever you are. We want to shout out to everyone who is interested in connecting with the best developers, designers, artists, hackers, enthusiasts, investors, and #BUIDLers in the Singaporean Crypto Space!

    Relevant Skills:Solidity | IPFS | NFT | FIL | ZKP Rust | Substrate | Polkadot | Kusama | Polkadot JS Front-end | Back-end | Full Stack | Mobile App Development Meme creator | Crypto Artist | DAO curator | UI/UX

  • BSC Quadratic Funding Grant Round-1 Hackathon


    This hackathon is going hand by hand with BSC Quadratic Funding Grant Round-1 on HackerLink. Developers from all over the world can join this hackathon and submit BSC based projects and eventually get funded by both community contributors and the $50,000 matching pool. Join the telegram group for hackathon updates, find teammates and apply for quadratic funding grants, this is your first step to create an amazing blockchain project & demonstrate it to the crypto community!

    Relevant Skills:Smart Contract Development·Defi·NFT·DAO·zk Rollup·BSC Dev·Cross-Chain

  • ETH 2.0 Hackathon -- NFT, L2, DAO @Beijing


    DoraHacks在北京发起ETH Hackathon,这场Hackathon的主题是NFT, DAO和以太坊Layer-2技术。我们将再次邀请50位区块链工程师、50位前端工程师、全栈工程师和设计师,创造ETH2.0爆品应用。

    Relevant Skills:Ethereum·Solidity·智能合约·NFT·DAO·zk

  • Substrate Hackathon @杭州



    Relevant Skills:Substrate·Rust·前端开发·后端开发·移动开发·UX·UI