Chia Global Hackathon @Asia

8/12/2021, 12:00 AM - 9/15/2021, 12:00 PM

Round Details

The Chia ecosystem is continuing to grow everyday as more miners and developers join the network. The number of global miners is expected to reach 500,000, which is enough to establish a large number of Chia based applications. As Chialisp matures, the expansion of Chia’s ecosystem becomes the priority moving forwards. The submission of the first round of Grant project starts from August 12th, 2021 to September 15th, 2021 (PDT). Participants can upload the project through HackerLink Grant to join the hackathon. Notice: Choose “Chia Global Hackathon @Asia 1” as the Grand Round. After the project is uploaded, it will appear at the page of Chia Global Hackathon@Asia. Grant's real-time ranking can be seen in the Leaderboard of the Chia Global Hackathon@Asia detail page. After submission, please add DoraHacks Helper on Telegram to get verified and receive more support in promoting your project on social media. Chia adopts the unique consensus mechanism – PoST, Proofs of Time and Space. PoST uses a verifiable delay function, which makes the network resistant against external attacks. By using PoST, Chia Network has lower GAS fees, faster transaction speed, and is more environment-friendly, making it very suitable for developing decentralized applications. Chia is still in its very early stages and the ecosystem still has much room to grow. The future possibilities of Chia are endless. The theme of the upcoming hackathon is Create and Build, and the themes include but are not limited to Improved Layer2, Improved DeFi, GameFi, Tools, Wallet and Improved NFTs based on the Chia network.

Voting/Funding Mechanism

We are inspired by Vitalik Buterin's work "Quadratic Payments" and GitCoin's practice to implement this mechanism so that we can provide quadratic funding tools to the DoraHacks global hackathon community. There are two funding sources - the community donation and the sponsor's prize pool. For individual community contributors: you can donate to any project(s) you like with your wallet. By clicking "Vote" following that project, you will be able to enter votes and the smart contract will return the cost (or the amount of donation) for the votes. Your votes will eventually determine how the sponsor pool gets distributed. Before voting, make sure your wallet is connected to BSC Mainnet and you have USDC. The first vote will cost 0.1 USDC and subsequent Nth vote will cost N*0.1 USDC. Please visit the leaderboard to see the current ranking of all the projects. Know more about the Hackathon: Sirius Labs Website: Developer Documents: Github: Testnet Explorer: BSC Faucet: Discord: Contact DoraHacks telegram:@hackerlinkofficial