Hackathons / Cronos Hackathon
CryptoBank Africa & IPFS storage system
 Last update: 11 mins ago
CryptoBank is a digital payment gateway in Africa and beyond, designed to modernize the finance and payment of goods and services both online and offline while solving the problems of traditional payment methods(High transaction fee, middle man, transparency e.t.c) by offering instant transactions and immediate crypto-to-cash settlements for the merchant/consumer. With CryptoBank DApp(BanKer) users can easily utilise the following features; *CryptoBank online marketplace with IPFS integration (For storage of files in a decentralized manner). *NFT marketplace with IPFS integration *Non-custodial wallet *DApp Browser
 Last update: 11 mins ago
Sub-Saharan Africa has one of the highest inflation rates in the world. Individuals and Families saving money in their local currency do not have an easy way to guard their life savings against devaluation. PiggyFi is out to solve Inflation problem in Sub-Saharan Africa
 Last update: 11 mins ago
构建一个由社区控制的功能齐全的去中心化研究媒体。 Build a fully functional decentralized research media that represents the community's will and is controlled by the community.
Digital Verse - Metaverse of the digital avatars
 Last update: 11 mins ago
NFT marketplace for creation and purchasing digital faces.
NFTer Network
 Last update: 28 days ago
 Last update: 11 mins ago
Tokenized Index that Gives You Long, Short and Leveraged Exposures to any Basket of Cryptocurrencies.
 Last update: 11 mins ago
Build Polygon Metaverse on Discord
 Last update: 29 days ago
A new way to offer DEFI
 Last update: 29 days ago
 Last update: 26 days ago
An infinite, unpredictable world driven by a decentralized smartcontract.
 Last update: 29 days ago
Complete Token Journey from Minting -> Presale -> Locking -> IDO Launch. Including Airdrop.
 Last update: 29 days ago
Algorithmic Stablecoin + NFT's + Lending Protocol
 Last update: 29 days ago
ICY token project builds for the CRO community. Token, NFTs and games.
Crypto Warfare NFT Marketplace
 Last update: 29 days ago
Crypto Warfare NFT Marketplace is the leading cronos NFT marketplace made to compliment the crypto.org NFT marketplace.
The Pool
 Last update: 29 days ago
Price prediction game platform for coins and tokens
Cronos No-Limit Sportsbook
 Last update: 29 days ago
Cronos No-Limit Sportsbook solves multiple problems. For Cronos, the project creates a great reason for users to discover the CRONOS ecosystem, including the DEX. Sports entertainment makes CRONOS more fun, more useful, and more valuable. It helps attract and retain CRO users, increasing network transaction volume and driving fees paid to CRONOS witnesses. For sports entertainment fans, the project solves a different set of problems: odds, bet size, and network transaction fees.
Gamification of blockchain interaction
 Last update: 29 days ago
We want to build more fun into blockchain interaction, be it defi, swap activity, nft minting.
Token Creator
 Last update: 29 days ago
Token Creator and deployer
 Last update: 11 mins ago
Bringing positive and revolutionary changes to agricultural investments: Farm Grid is a Defi yield optimization protocol for African real farm stakeholders, empowering farmers with blockchain technology and promotion of one health.
spanish traslate and sense
 Last update: 29 days ago
send information to all users in spanish and latin american speakers
 Last update: 29 days ago
Committed to building a decentralized exchange, fast and lower handling fees.
 Last update: 26 days ago
Dashboard showing useful information related to validators in one single view for quick and easy sort and comparision
Soapy Finance
 Last update: 11 mins ago
Building The Future Entrance of DeFi for Community
Electronero Network: Interswap.Finance DeFi + NFT + Gaming + Public (Polygon/BSC) & Privacy (Cryptonote as layer-2)
 Last update: 11 mins ago
Interswap.finance New DeFi Exchange on BSC & Polygon with BUY/SELL NFT Marketplace featuring future-proof business logic, and gaming support
 Last update: 11 mins ago
The First NFT Greeting Cards Marketplace where creators, users/seekers, collectors, and businesses can meet and interact (mint, sell, buy, send, gift, receive) with NFT digital content released in greeting cards.
 Last update: 3 days ago
To develop and reimagine contemporary and ancient African arts through NFTs collectibles
HuskyGame -Cronos
 Last update: 29 days ago
A NFT racing game with PlaytoEarn feature
Yummy Lottery
 Last update: 29 days ago
A gambling game in which people buy tickets to try their luck at winning the jackpot
Death maze
 Last update: 11 mins ago
Our project combines collecting NFT items, with the ability to turn them into animated 3D characters in a three-dimensional game world (1. Unique labyrinths - gaining experience and mining cryptocurrency; 2. Island - enjoying a unique world, mini games, tourism, battles with each other, communication, trade). Our project gives people the opportunity, in the process of enjoying the gameplay, to extract cryptocurrency and exchange it for real money, as well as equipment, weapons for the development of their character. All the advantages and benefits of the game are available in the description.
 Last update: 11 mins ago
The bridge between GameFi and Blockchain
 Last update: 29 days ago
We are building a DAO that brings talented people from various backgrounds together, to launch dApps on Cronos (currently on KardiaChain).
 Last update: 18 days ago
this idea will solve waiting period for an ambulance
 Last update: 29 days ago
Launch point towards an ecosystem that covers different DeFi branches such as: Gaming, liquidity pool, NFT and much more
 Last update: 29 days ago
Endless is about exploring random generation through NFTs which gives users ownership of their creations.
 Last update: 11 mins ago
Africa's First Decentralised Media Streaming Platform.
 Last update: 2 days ago
Make NFT creation and trading easier, more interesting.
Nifty-toolkit for cronos
 Last update: 23 days ago
With the use of Nifty-toolkit, we're automating the NFT minting and IPFS resource management with minimum coding required. So far we've added support for Cronos and Polygon, and more EVM-compatible chains are going to be added. The goal is to make minting NFT easy, without having to worry about the complexity of cross-chain testing and deployment, as well as token payment.
 Last update: 22 days ago
Making DeFi simple, secure, and fun.
 Last update: 20 days ago
Bring cross-chain privacy to blockchains
 Last update: 20 days ago
We hope to create a decentralized exchange with no slippage and unlimited liquidity that can trade any financial assets.
 Last update: 11 mins ago
Greenearth NFT is animal and plant photos of the Web3 and Metaverse
 Last update: 11 mins ago
To help gamers have fun, earn and collect NFT's as rewards.
Mad Meerkat NFT
 Last update: 16 days ago
Introduce an NFT Project with excellent artwork, and build and enhance the artistic community around the CRO Ecosystem.
 Last update: 16 days ago
Providing token launching tools, a non garden walled NFT marketplace, and a P2E NFT ecosystem for Cronos users.
 Last update: 6 days ago
SilverSwap is an AMM protocol for the Cronos blockchain to bridge over 10 million Crypto.com users into the DEFI ecosystem. Our ambition is to integrate in EVERY L2 EVM blockchain.
Benign Protocol
 Last update: 11 mins ago
Benign Protocol is a combined project of decentralized and centralized finance. The benign protocol will solve the centralized problem in a decentralized way.
 Last update: 8 days ago
Play provably fair games. Win CRO
 Last update: 12 days ago
Ofter a stakable NFT for virtual and real world rewards
 Last update: 12 days ago
Bringing the Cronos Metaverse to Life
 Last update: 10 days ago
A Unique NFT Platform Where you can buy pixels nft and upload your own image
 Last update: 5 days ago
Provide accurate, real-time trading tools for Cronos investors
 Last update: 3 days ago
We would like to bridge the gap between CEX and DEXes, and provide the best user interface for users to experience the best of both worlds. The goal of CrocSwap is to ultimately build the central bank and reserve currency of the DeFi world.
DeFi Degen Land
 Last update: 4 days ago
Bringing DeFi to new crypto users & gamers in a fun and rewarding experience through our Metaverse
FortuneDAO Common Prosperity
 Last update: 24 hours ago
Our goal is to build a platform to provide stablecoins liquidity for swaps. We believe that a stableswap is a vital part of any ecosystem and is also incredibly synergistic with OHM-style protocols. FortuneDAO aims to capitalize on stablecoins liquidity, being the first stableswap on Cronos and the first of its kind stableswap with liquidity seeded from an OHM-style protocol, FortuneDAO.
ERC20 & NFT Multisend
 Last update: 13 hours ago
Send ERC20 and NFTs to multiple addresses in one transaction
#dev DeFi
 Last update: 6 hours ago
The vision of #dev DeFi is to be an essential lending platform that supports the fundamental infrastructure of Cronos Chain by helping Cronos users utilize their assets at their best.
 Last update: 10 mins ago
The top AMM on Cronos chain.